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  • Covert

    0.5mm M-Pact

    1. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) pinch-point fingertip protection. 2. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure creates a secure fit to your wrist. 3. Breathable TrekDry keeps your hands cool and comfortable. 4. Removable trigger finger seams eliminate material...

  • Black

    All-Weather Combo Pack

    This combo pack insures you meet your hands needs year-round. Featuring both a winter and a warmer weather style.

  • Black

    APX Glove

    Wiley X brings a practical and durable option for hand wear to the table with the APX Tactical Gloves. This model is constructed with Lycra, including ventilation on the fingers, for a flexible glove that allows your hand to breathe. Wiley X adds...

  • Coyote Foliage

    Aries Gloves

    The Aries tactical gloves provide superior hand protection and durability. Designed to match US military uniforms, they are NAVAIR approved for use by Navy and Marine Corps flyers and they meet high standards in flame, thermal and fabric cut resistance...

  • Black

    ATX5 Lightweight Patrol Gloves

    The leaders in full body protective gear now have gloves that give you almost as much feel and control as your bare hand does. ATX5 gloves come with a slip on construction with zero bulk for a lightweight controllable feel. The palms are made of premium...

  • Black

    ATX65 Unlined Hybrid Duty Gloves

    These Damascus Protective Gear duty gloves are engineered for all purpose, year round use and are equipped with low profile reinforced knuckle zones. The lightweight Spandura backs of the gloves result in unbeatable breathability while also being easily...

  • Black

    ATX95 All-Leather Gloves

    Featuring reinforced armor at the knuckles, these Damascus Protective Gear all leather gloves are a great option to protect the hands of law enforcement and military personnel. The gloves are engineered with an ergonomic design that results in a tight...

  • Covert


    The azimuth takes aim to protect military and swat team members with critical flame resistance during hard-charging operations. The glove is constructed with FR Nomex and FR goatskin leather to protect operators exposed to heat and flame when handling...

  • Black

    Breacher - TSBR-55-008

    The Breacher is a flame-resistant tactical glove designed to protect the hands of military and SWAT team members during forcible entry and high-risk operations. A one-piece knuckle guard molded with dense Thermoplastic Rubber protects the back of the...

  • Black

    Caldus Insulated Gloves

    The Caldus Cold Weather Glove is the latest TacticalTouch glove with integrated Thinsulate C100 lining that repels wind, moisture and icy temperatures, making this your new go-to protection for cold-weather tactical operations.