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Lightning Powder

  • Evidence Security Bags

    Lightning Powder Evidence Security Bags feature a special, extremely strong tamper indicating adhesive that, once opened, will not reseal. The word “EVIDENCE” is printed around the borders of the bag...

  • White

    Feather Duster, Black

    These fluffy Marabou feather dusters are ideal for large areas, and are highly recommended for use with our Fluorescent Powders. Available in white, black or red.

  • Handi-Lifts


    A convenient combination of lifting tape and backing card in one. Pull the pre-cut tape section and peel off the adhesive backer. Lift the latent print and press the two halves together. Write the...

  • Lightning Lifts

    Clear, pre-cut latent print lifters. Works just like a strip of lifting tape—after the lift, place together again or adhere to the appropriate size and color-backing card.

  • Clear

    LPC Lifting Tape in a Jar

    Designed to tear easily, our rolls of Lightning Lifting Tape were created to meet the needs of latent print and crime scene technicians who fold and snap-tear their tape.Features:Available in frosted...

  • Magnetic Powder

    Magnetic Powder

    Similar in fluorescence to Redwop powder, our Blitz-Red Magnetic Fluorescent Powder fluoresces strongly when viewed under 254nm, 365nm, 450nm to 505nm and 550 to 590nm wavelengths of light.

  • Yellow

    Photo Evidence Markers

    Lightning Powder photo evidence numbers are ideal for outdoor and large scene photography for marking where each piece of evidence is found. The large-format markers are 7.25” x 4.5” (18.4 x 11...

  • Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves

    Ideal for those who have reactions to latex, these gloves are powder-free and are thin enough to be doubled for extra protection.

  • Black White


    Wetwop is a pre-mixed liquid that produces excellent friction ridge detail when used to develop prints on any adhesive surface, such as masking, duct, clear, cellophane, brown packaging, and nylon...