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Monadnock Products

  • 906 Tac-Elite Riot Helmet with Grid Face Shield

    Monadnock non-ballistic polycarbonate tactical helmets offer the critical features and protection required by response teams today. They meet or exceed theNIJ 0104.02 (Riot) and NIJ 0105.01 (Crash)...

  • Autolock Duty Kit

    Autolock Duty Kit

    Designed to be the ideal tool for law enforcement professionals, the Monadnock 22 inch Autolock Baton Duty Kit with Power Safety Tip and Plain Holster is packed full of the features that you will be...

  • Autolock X3 Expandable Baton

    Autolock X3 Expandable Baton

    The Monadnock AutoLock X3 enhances the original positive locking design with notable improvements including: an updated cam and stainless steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent...

  • Autolock-22 Kit - 9330

    Autolock-22 Kit - 9330

    This kit offers three of our most popular AutoLock tools in one complete package - save when purchasing all three in this kit.

  • Centurion Thigh & Groin Protection System

    The TPX200 Centurion Thigh/Groin Protection System was designed for blunt trauma protection during riot control situations. The groin protector is adjustable and removable. The system provides...

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    Compact Spare Cuff Disposable Restraints

    Constructed of nylon for dimensional stability and flexibility, the Flex-Cuf was designed to be a quick, temporary alternative to handcuffs. The unique Strength Barb System contained within the...

  • Control Device

    Control Device

    This 21 Control Device side-handle baton offers maximum protection. It is the most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking. The expandable design is combat ready with a flick of...

  • Detective Baton - 2562

    Detective Baton - 2562

    The Monadnock Classic Friction Lock Expandable Baton is manufactured from cold-drawn 4130 aircraft seamless-alloy steel tubing for reliability and long life. The precision Morse tapers, or tight...

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    Double Cuff Disposable Restraints

    Disposable Double Cuff model 8220-3 restraints are a lightweight and effective tool for controlling both wrists and ankles. It has a tensile strength of more than 300 lbs. and provides ample space on...

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    EXOTECH Elbow & Forearm Protector

    The EFP150 Elbow and Forearm Protector provides hard shell protection and is designed to work with the ExoTech System. Available in three sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL