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  • White/Red Blue/Red

    2-in-1 Safety Light / Flashlight

    The Safety Light combines a full-size flashlight and a flood/flashing safety light in an all LED compact light-weight package. Two body mounted push buttons control the lighting functions. The top...

  • Belt Ring - 9700/9850/9860 Series

    The Belt Ring fits the 9700, 9850 and 9860 Series LED Lights. Fits most all width belts and is simple to take on and off with its snap closure design. Made from high-strength black nylon.

  • Black Red

    Dual-Light Flashlight w/Dual Magnets

    This Dual-Light Flashlight uses a CREE LED rated at 130 lumens paired with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector, creating a flashlight beam with an effective range of 181 meters (over 590 feet)...

  • Red Green

    Dual-Switch Dual-Light Flashlight - 2 AAA

    This 2 AAA Dual-Switch Dual-Light Flashlight has two body switches offering the user a choice of flashlight, floodlight or dual-light operation. Its compact oval design makes it convenient to use and...

  • Yellow

    Intrinsically Safe Cap Lamp – Rechargeable

    The XPR-5560 Rechargeable Intrinsically Safe Permissible Dual-Light Cap Lamp features a spotlight, a floodlight and a dual-light that is MSHA certified Intrinsically Safe Permissible. The spotlight...

  • Green Black

    Intrinsically Safe Permissible Flashlight

    This 3 AA flashlight is cETLus, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO and MSHA listed Intrinsically Safe Permissible. It uses a CREE LED rated at 140 lumens that works in conjunction with a high-efficiency deep...

  • Yellow Red

    LED Traffic Wand

    The Model 1634 LED Yellow Traffic Wand features a bright lumen output with a yellow cone and a black formed handle for ultimate grip and comfort. One body mounted push button controls the...