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Otis Technology

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    Brush Adaptor

    The shotgun brush adapter is used to adapt to shotgun brush threads that do not have 8-32 threads. One end has the standard 8-32 threads, which will screw into the Otis Memory-Flex cleaning rods, and...

  • Cleaning Cable

    The Memory-Flex cables are compatible with all Otis cleaning components. Together with the solid brass slotted tips, 100% cotton cleaning patches, a bore brush, and an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant,...

  • Cleaning Patch

    Cleaning Patch

    These small caliber patches are designed for .17 caliber to .22 caliber rim fire. Each patch is 100% cotton and can be used up to six times, offering six new clean surfaces. When attached to the...

  • Cleaning Rod

    The male rod, used in conjunction with the female rod, act as handles, and can be added onto any Otis component with 8-32 thread for additional length during precision cleaning.

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    EarShield Hearing Protection

    EarShield's new Sound Reduction Chamber Technology changes the sport shooter experience. Now you can shield your ears from high-decibel noise comfortably while hearing other sound frequencies such...

  • Lead Remover Hand Wipes Canister

    Remove lead and heavy metals from your hands and face quickly and easily without soap or water. This 40 count canister of wipes can be tossed in your range bag or kept on your gun cleaning bench to...

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  • Memory Flex Cables

    The Memory-Flex cleaning rods come in a variety of lengths and are compatible with all Otis cleaning components. The flexible cables are coated and have a 750 lb pull strength. Together with the...

  • O85 Ultrabore Solvent

    The Otis Technology O85 Ultra Bore Solvent (1 Gal) is an All-in-One cleaner, lubricant and preservative. By applying this solvent to your firearm, you are creating a thin film which stops rust and...