Launch of A New Website Provider

Posted by Russell Moles, President Tri-Star Public Safty, Tri-Star Tactical Gear, & Tri-Star Armory on Feb 15th 2014

Things to Know,
The Change in our website was not a planned changed. It was forced on us by a left leaning, anti gun, and gear firm in Canada. That we had a business relationship with since 2012. In the fall they sent us a list of perimeters that they would have to have adjusted on our previous Website to make it comply with terns and conditions that were set into place. We made every effort to do this and had contacted them multiple times for additional clarification but none of our requests were ever answered or acknowledged, so on Thursday night at 12:01 they shut down and blocked our website without further notice or response to any of our contract

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This has been a hell on wheels process but Bigcommerce has been helpful and welcoming and are giving me some options with the website that I never have had the opportunity to do before. I look forward to seeing this website being built out over time/